Welcome to The North Coast Post, where our core values are at the heart of everything we do.


At The North Coast Post, we believe that trust is not given but earned through our actions. We work tirelessly to ensure that every piece of information we share is accurate and reliable. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, and we take ownership of them. By supporting each other’s growth and knowledge, we aim to build a team that our community can rely on.


We treat everyone with respect and dignity, just as we would like to be treated ourselves. Our behaviour sets the standard we hope to see in our community. We value diversity and inclusivity, recognising that everyone has a unique and valuable contribution to make. Through mutual respect and understanding, we strive to create a stronger and more connected community.


Greatness requires hard work and dedication, and at The North Coast Post, we are committed to giving our best to create something truly exceptional. Challenges will undoubtedly arise, but we believe that through our collective effort, we can overcome them and achieve our goals. We highly appreciate the effort that each member of our team brings, knowing that it’s through our combined efforts that we can make a real difference.


Creativity and progress are fundamental values at The North Coast Post. We encourage thinking outside the box and constantly seeking new and improved approaches. By embracing innovation, we aim to enhance the quality of life in our community and actively contribute to shaping the future. We eagerly welcome new ideas and perspectives and invite our team members to share their thoughts. Together, we aim to create a newspaper that is fresh, dynamic, and highly relevant to our readers.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to providing you with accurate, reliable, and innovative news and content.

About our team

The North Coast Post was founded in 2023 by Matt Taylor. Matt is not just an advocate for quality news; he’s also deeply connected to our local community. Based in the picturesque town of Deloraine, Matt frequently travels from Burnie to bustling Launceston, demonstrating his commitment to bringing our region closer together.

Matt shares his life with his wife, Rachael, and three energetic boys. With extended family members also residing in the area, he has a personal commitment for the betterment of the region.

Matt brings a wealth of experience to The North Coast Post, having worked in both private industry and government organisations. This background has equipped him with a unique perspective on the issues and stories that matter most to our community.

Above all, Matt’s passion lies in news and the desire to share more information about this beautiful and diverse region we call home. He believes that knowledge is a powerful tool, and he’s dedicated to ensuring that The North Coast Post serves as a reliable source of information and a unifying platform for our community.

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